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"I have never had such a wonderful experience as I have had with Wellspring Physical Therapy. Erica Sumner is the most caring and special person I have ever met. She knows my issues and can read me like a book. I have had an extraordinary experience with her. She helped me regain my strength and the ability to stand, lift, and walk again. I would recommend her and the Wellspring Physical Therapy team to anyone. The office staff is very special and always see that my needs are taken care of. Wellspring made me feel like I was a part of their family."
~ Diana P.

"Such a great experience, I recommend them to everyone, especially DPT Nicole."
~ Sharon R.

"Wellspring has been incredible!! I destroyed my ankle for years, fracturing bones & damaging ligaments and tendons repeatedly..for years! After having my ankle reconstructed, the incredible therapists at Wellspring worked together to get me back to my active and adventurous lifestyle! We were able to bring balance in strength and flexibility with exercises tailored to my interests. They gave me the tools to self manage and progress even after being discharged. I highly, highly recommend Wellspring! The therapists at Wellspring have a wealth of knowledge and experience. I know that I am in good hands whenever I am there."
~ Candice K.

"Wellspring is far above my previous physical therapy experiences. My therapist, Laney O’Neill, is top notch in her field. At Wellspring the patient receives a full hour of treatment in which the therapist is with the patient during the full hours. I would not hesitate recommending Wellspring to anyone needing therapy."
~ Jerry B.

"Did you ever realize you save lives? You do. My cardiologist and I both cried two years ago when she told me about my new diagnosis, congestive heart failure, to me a death sentence. Then came neck pain, knee arthritis and a whole gamut of other issues. I started working on weight loss, on exercising, 2 surgeries and physical therapy. I met you. There is not a day that I do not bless you for your help, your pride, your coaching, your encouragement. My kids, my husband, my little grandsons, and my friends will just have to live with me a few more years. And it is your fault.

Love, thanks, words- not enough. I have no words."
Love, Marianne S.

"From frozen shoulder to doing a touchdown move with the left arm... I recommend this facility and their staff to anyone who has any type of mobility issues. It takes qualified staffing and the patient's willingness to put in the work to get the job completely done. I thank you Miss Laney."
~ Miriam

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